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This study determined the antibacterial and antibiofilm effects of α-humulene extracted from plants against enterotoxigenic Bacteroides fragilis, which causes inflammatory bowel disease. Though cannabis is commonly associated with appetite stimulation, humulene is actually known to suppress hunger. Humulene’s other potential effects include: Anti-bacterial; Anti-inflammatory Perhaps the most significant effect of humulene is its antitumor activity, considering the massive occurrence of cancer in the world today. A scientific paper published in the journal Planta Medica examined the anti-tumor activity of balsam fir oil, a substance extract from a tree that is widespread throughout Canada. Therapeutic properties of humulene Scientific studies have investigated whether humulene effects include anti-inflammatory, antitumor, and other medical benefits.

Humulene effects

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Its flavor is best described as earthy, but it tends to be wide-spread in cannabis strains and yet usually thinly concentrated, so it doesn’t lend a very pronouncing effect to the taste. This protective effect could guard against cancer. However, this is just preliminary evidence, and researchers must continue to study the effects of humulene to back up these claims. Other terpenes Humulene is also known as α-Caryophyllene due to its near-identical structure to β-Caryophyllene, which may lead to potentially similar relaxing effects in many cases, though Humulene is not able to interact with the Endocannabinoid receptors like β-Caryophyllene. Beer drinkers will instantly recognize the scent of humulene, which is a key component in hops.

According to a 2009 paper in the British Journal of Pharmacology, humulene could potentially help people with allergies breathe easier (though the study itself was conducted on mice).

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Humulene-dominant weeds have a comforting earthy aroma and a spicy flavor. The terpene itself has an interesting profile and high Humulene strains like Birthday Cake and Great White Shark have high THC/CBD ratio that leave users with a sense of euphoria.

Humulene effects

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Humulene effects

Humulene works to kill fungus and other pests that are responsible for many third-world diseases.

In laboratory studies, humulene is being studied for potential anti-inflammatory effects. In 2015 researchers in Brazil identified α-Humulene as an active contributer to the insect repellent properties of commiphora leptophloeos leaf oil, specifically against “the yellow fever mosquito,” Aedes aegypti.
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This chemical—which binds with a body-wide network of special cellular receptors in mammals dubbed the endocannabinoid system(ECS)—is part of a category of wellness molecules derived from cannabis called cannabinoids. Humulene is a component of the hydrocarbon fraction of hop oil. It is found with other essential oils in the lupulin gland, where it is formed in the final stages of hop cone maturation. As the hop cone ripens, trace amounts of oxygenated compounds of the essential oil appear first. Caryophyllene and humulene follow next, and finally, myrcene.

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Humulene has been used by Chinese apothecaries for generations. Ginseng tea and sage oil are just two examples of ancient, humulene-rich therapeutic remedies that are still used for their soothing effects today. Inflammation 2020-02-14 · Let’s look at some of the key studies on humulene’s effects to date. Humulene Effects. It appears that humulene may have several beneficial effects, including the following: Anti-inflammatory Effects.

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Every Tuesday (almost every Tuesday) I break down 1 canna Humulene can also be purchased alone as a terpene extract that you can add to various cannabis products to increase their immune-boosting and bacteria-fighting effects. Like BCS, humulene is so prevalent in foods that it’s also sold as a food-grade supplement.

Sweet ZZ Auto by Royal Queen Seeds sets a new standard for autoflowers with a strong relaxing effect and an intruiging taste profile. Humulene. Humleliknande arom Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse: Acute Effects of Marihuana". LITE OFFICIELL STATISTIK FÖR  av J Lindström · 2015 — humulone, isohumulone och humulene, tre substanser som ger bitterhet och karaktär.