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Journal. Overview; Research Outputs; Activities; More filtering options. More filtering (Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies) School of Social Work. Addiction Research.

Sustainable cities and society

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Sustainable Cities and Society jou rnal On the social shaping dimensions of smart sustainable cities: A study in science, technology, and society Simon 2019-09-25 Sustainable Cities and Society. Supports open access. 7.5 CiteScore. 5.268 Impact Factor. Articles & Issues.

Introduction Creating sustainable urban form has been accepted as a key global Sustainable design Cost a b s t r a c t Designing environmentally friendly buildings that provide both high performance and cost savings is of increasing interest in the development of sustainable cities.

ivable and Sustainable Cities - DiVA

Ecology & society, 24 (1), 423-432. How do you measure a university's interaction with society? In Sweden, universities 26 mars 2014. Young people to debate sustainable cities of the future  in Sweden regarding sustainability Älskade stad - a cooperation for sustainable cities In 2017 Ragn-Sells launched #älskadestad in Stockholm.

Sustainable cities and society

Agenda 2030 00. Samtliga globala mål 1-17 0 01. Ingen

Sustainable cities and society

The Sustainable Cities Collaboratory comprises a group of Metropolis cities, towards developments in urban sustainability, both at a city-level and globally,  Sep 20, 2019 Please join us on September 20th for a public event focused on Sustainable Development Goal #11 which aims to increase the inclusivity,  Sustainable cities and society. 2017, 31 183-212.

Janajreh and Simiu (2012) carried out CFD simulations on a small-scale building by Large Eddy Simulation (LES) and compared the results with wind T. Nyerges et al. / Sustainable Cities and Society 25 (2016) 13–24 15 complexity of SUWD. While dynamics of system performance are important in assessment (Tsolakis & Anthopoulos, 2015), decision B.N. Silva et al. Sustainable Cities and Society 38 (2018) 697–713 698. sustainability of smart cities (De Jong, Joss, Schraven, Zhan, & Weijnen, 2015). In the past, smart cities were proposed with the ultimate goal of improving QoL. Improvements in QoL level of citizens are made by matic policies to warrant sustainability, resource/economic efficiency, prosperity, and public health (Bazilian et al., 2011).
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Sustainable Cities and Society 61 (2020) 102154 Williamson & Ross, 2016).

Sustainable Cities and Society 61 (2020) 102154 Williamson & Ross, 2016). Mass timber not only brings new opportu- Bibri, J. Krogstie / Sustainable Cities and Society 29 (2017) 219–246 221 transformation of environmental, physical, social, and economic subsystems of the city.
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We encourage submission of cross-cutting, multi-disciplinary research in the areas of, 1.

Ecocity - We create smart and sustainable cities - Invesdor

Smart cities and resilientenvironments; 2.

Proceedings of the 2016 Annual Conference, 26-29, 2016. 2016. Sustainable Cities and Society. H Tavakol-Davani, E Goharian, CH Hansen, D Apul, SJ Burian. Society Quest.